Ideas being worked on Startup Weekend Global Battle 2014


The ones who cannot come see the excitement that is going around in the Startup Weekend Kathmandu- Global Startup Battle must be excited to know what ideas have been chosen for the finale!

Well, here you are. The list below gives you a basic introduction to the 12 ideas that have been chosen to battle down in the finale that will take place tomorrow, i.e. 23rd November 2014 in SAP Falcha, Kathmandu.


  1. Books for ALL!

This idea revolves around giving out books to all individuals in need prioritizing unprivileged. Apart from shiny new books, Books for All is also open to second hand books. They receive donations and sell the same.


Team Leader: Suresh Thapa

Team: Sushil Shrestha, Maya Lama, Chirag Thapa


  1. Bridge Industry- AcademiaAn offline system to bridge the gap between the major industry and educational institutions where students get a chance to receive training that is offline. The training materials will be available online which will help them in knowing how the professional world functions before they get there.

    Team Leader: Sijan Bhandari
    Team: Sudip Kafle, Jigyashu pokharel, Bhuvan poudel, Krishna Baral, Sudeep KC

  2. Cloth BankHow much value do you think do your old clothes have?

The cloth bank that we are talking about here plans on collecting old clothes which will be collected for free but their outcome will be charged. How? Crushing the old clothes to make pillows, blankets and other materials is what their ideal plan is. They plan on donating 20% of their products and selling 80% of it.

Team Leader: Ranjan Kafle
Team: Bikash Bhandari, Sandip Dotel


  1. Corporate ApplicationCorporate application as a software will keep a track of all the work within an organization. This app is believed to help in transparency and a smooth workflow in the company.

    Team Leader: Divya Chhetri
    Team: Bibek Upadhaya, Raja Ram Shrestha, Ranjan Prajapati, Muna Khadka

  2. Earthquake Safety ToolkitThis idea revolves around the making and selling of safety toolkit for your life during earthquake. Post the disaster, this toolkit is affirmative of protecting people in the worst situations.

Team Leader: Pusp Raj Bhatt
Team: Yadav Bhattrai, Saroj Chalise, Ayush kuinkel, Sudan Pandey


  1. E-menu for Restaurants!

E-menu for restaurants is an interactive restaurant application to digitalize the ordering system of the restaurant. This also includes an amazing website from where users can order food from home and get them delivered at the desired place.


Team Leader: Subhechhya Shrestha
Team: Nidesh Maskey, Shirish Maharjan, Atul Pradhananga, Roniya Shrestha


  1. My ShowsThis is an application dedicated to entertainment. A platform for a broadcaster to stream channels/shows live for the rest of the world!

    Team Leader: Piyush Thapa
    Team: Kailash Khadka, Khem Poudel, Lakshya Gurung, Saroj Subedi

  2. Nepal Highway ScheduleYou have been waiting for the bus for 30 minutes now and still no signs of it. Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what time your bus will get there? Bus routines for local and tourist busses that ply throughout Nepal.

    Team Leader: Rabindra Gautam
    Team: Bimal Parajuli, Ram Bahadur Pun, Ranjan Adhikari, Arjan KC

  3. Noodles and DoodlesAn eatery for noodle lovers that have ample space for doodlers too! Doodle friendly spaces with chalkboard walls, chalkboard tables for art and inspiring messages. People will not only come here for art and noodles but also to help children. How? The place will be turned into a classroom for street children once a week and their mid day lunch will be sponsored.

    Team Leader: Abha Dhital
    Team: Sabin Bhandari, Ishwor Shrestha, Phurba Sherpa, Randhir

  4. Opinion Mining of ProductSentiment Analysis and opinion mining of customer opinions posted on social media, websites and various other platforms.

    Team Leader: Chandan Goopta
    Team: Amit Joshi, Pratik Shrestha, Ashmit Bhattrai, Khemraj Pokhrel

  5. Rent a carOnline car rental platform is something that is missing in Nepal and this team aims t o give the best service for the same. Company profiles will be put up on their website from where customers will be able to rent the cars that they wish to ride.

    Team Leader: Dheer Uprety
    Team: Prakash Kunwar, Abhisek Gautam, Sachin Gupta, Suraj Lama

  6. Songs in Apps!Songs in apps is expected to be a platform for cultural songs which will include all the genres and cultures along with lyrics. Translation of the lyrics is one of their strongest aspects. The songs will be available for purchase through various online payment gateways.

    Team Leader: Anamika Tiwari
    Team: Suprim Tamrakar, Stefanie, Bishal Acharya