Startup Weekend Kathmandu: Women Edition: 60 Participants, 41 Pitches, 11 Finalist: “AN AWESOME WEEKEND”


It was Startup Weekend Women this time around and we had 40 female participants with a total of 60 participants. Each Startup Weekend is different, its diverse, different background, all in all a melting pot of people from different walks of life, profession, education gelled together with a single passion to do things in a better way with solutions which is going to change the way we do things in future. When we have believers in the same rooms with determination, 54 hours is all it takes. Here is what was built over the weekend along with the winners of the weekend.

The First prize goes to: “TEAM BUTTA

The idea behind, “BUTTA”, is to crowd source the design for the t-shirts business that they already have. The designer gets market of the designs, sale of the design which adds to the revenue from the design and a percentage of profit from the sale of the t-shirt goes to the designer. This creates a platform for the designers to share his design and get paid where all the other operational activities would be handled by the company. Team leader of “BUTTA” is Sheela Bogati.

The Second prize goes to “TEAM SAYBIHE

“SAYBIHE”, allows you to custom plan your wedding or any life events. It takes care of miniscule details of the process along with your requirement for the parties. These emotional moments which is a big part of the timeline in your life, family and friends. The event is planned and executed in fashion which allows the perfect combination of the ceremonies, parties followed by pictures and videos which makes the memories long lasting. The idea is to target the niche market of NRN, affluent class of residents in Nepal. Team leader of “SAYBIHE” is Komal Kadmiya.

The Third prize goes to “TEAM SAKCHHAM

“SAKCHHAM” revolved around developing services and resources to deal with proper grooming environment for fresh graduates and also building a bridge in the internship program. The idea is to provide a facilitator for these talented but raw mind which allow them to guide them around the responsibilities in the job and their optimal execution. This allows the person to excel in short period of the time making them “SAKCHHAM” in their respective field. Team Leader of “SAKCHHAM” is Seema S. Sunuwar.

Along with the winning ideas, there were eight more ideas which won the initial round of voting to be worked upon on over the weekend. Here are the details in the alphabetical order. 

TEAM BloodPlus

This projects revolves around the social cause by helping solve the blood shortages by addressing the various verticals of the supply chain in Blood Supply Management in Nepal. The first is to address the blood shortage which would be addressed by awareness campaign for encouraging the blood donation, second addressing the information flow in the supply chain which allows to locate the blood in different life stages so that not a single drop of blood that has been donated goes to waste. Team Leader of “BloodPlus” is Garima Sapkota.

TEAM Easy Yatra

Have you ever waited for the bus or any public transport without knowing when it will arrive? Introducing, “Easy Yatra”, which will solve your problem, they have an app to locate the public vehicles via GPS and also you can send an SMS to find the nearest public transport and it’s ETA. The initial public transportation it wants to deal with is, “SAJHA YATAYAT”. Team leader of “Easy Yatra” is Swapnil Sneham.

TEAM Floating Restaurant

“Floating Restaurant”, wants to combine great experience and heritage site into one which also brings in the maintenance of these Historical sites which lies in deteriorating condition. The primary example being the Dharahara which is properly maintained following its transfer into a private party. The restaurant which has already been successfully executed in Netherlands, Hong Kong would bring in a unique experience to the people coming to this restaurant by mixing, boating, food, music, lights etc. Team leader of “Floating Restaurant” is Megha Gupta.

Team Notify Me

“Notify Me”, vision is to work in a Virtual World where even Laws of Physics breakdown where it will connect to Real People of Physical World like NO ONE BEFORE. The app which is free to download plans to connect the Event Organizers, Educational Entity with their respective audience on real time updates of the event or changes via the Mobile app. Team leader of “Notify Me” is Dipen Lama.

TEAM Preveshdwaar

This is a common problem when everyone who is searching for a good intermediate level or higher education colleges. Multiple visits to same college for information collection, form filling, submission, results etc needs to be done which wastes time of the students as well as for the colleges who has to manage the  information that has to be dissipate to the coming students. “Praveshdwaar”, tends to take the system online, which brings in sync with students as well as the colleges to channel the proper information to the students and cut down the number of visit to the colleges. Team Leader of “Preveshdwaar” is Sudha Bhandari.

Team SMSMart

“SMSMart”, wants to focus on segmented group of the target market to send out SMS about the offers and provide a higher conversion rate for their customer base. “SMSMart”, focuses on classifying the database into segmented order which allows it identify the different segments and gives them flexibility to pair the products and services with the clients and customers. “SMSMart”, is an effective and efficient way to reach to the client which is pocket friendly for new businesses who doesn’t have a huge budget for the advertising. Team leader for “SMSMart”, is Abhibandu Kafle.

Team StartUP Nepal

“StartupUP Nepal”, wants to bring in services which will motivate wanna be entrepreneurs by providing required information to young adults to become an entrepreneur. Also, aspiring entrepreneurs lack the required skills and resources to startup their ventures and also Startups have difficulty finding Investors. So, “StartupUP Nepal”, will provide entrepreneurship education to young adults & aspiring entrepreneurs and also help to promote entrepreneurship in Nepal and also connect Nepal SME’s Startups with Investors. Team Leader of “StartUP Nepal” is Kavi Joshi.

Team Upload It, Get It (UIGI)

“Upload and Get It”, is a fun filled and efficient manner to shop for the clothes, accessories etc online. You can just click on the dresses or any accessories you see online or magazines or anyone wearing it, than upload it which would be viewed by thousands of retailers who send you same or similar designs along with the offers. Team Leader of “Upload it Get it”, is Kajal Khadka


These are the ideas which were worked upon on the weekend. We look forward to see you in our New Edition of Startup Weekend where you can come up with a Startup within 54 hours. Cheers!!!